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Prostate Health
Caring for the prostate is not only pleasurable for men, but healthy!   It can lower your risk for prostate cancer, increase your potency level and relieve the symptoms of Prostatitis.  Did you know the prostate is the male version of the g-spot?  It's true! read more

Lubricants are for everyone.  Today's market offers such a wide variety, it can be confusing which one is right for you.  Dryness & irritation are no longer the only reasons to use a lube.  Special formulas address unique situations such as, clitoral stimulation, impotency issues, endurance and special health situations.  Let us help you to understand the myriad of choices at your fingertips.
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Toys for Couples to use together
Toys are great for couples to use together to enhance the moment.  It is easily misunderstood by many men, that a toy replaces them or that~ she prefers that to me?  How Silly!  When a couple explores their needs and preferences, they can gain new heights in ecstasy.   This can help to strengthen the relationship and increase the bond of love and trust.  read more

G-Spot Stimulation
Learning how to massage the g-spot is a great way to discover a whole new world of orgasms.  It is an area of tissue that is easily reached by a curved tip. This is most commonly done with specially designed toys for g-spots, but can also be reached with a fingertip.  The more you develop the tissue, the greater the sensations. read more

Kegel Exercise
Urinary Incontinence.  Pelvic Prolapse. Sexual function...  Kegel exercises can help to improve these nasty buggers that affect women of all ages due to having children, growing older... or just not taking care of ourselves like we should.  They are easy to do and will definetely improve your general health as well as your sexual health.  You can do simple kegel exercises to help the pelvis almost anywhere and anytime.  You can also utilize specially designed products to improve the quality of the exercise routine and gain even more strength. 
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Toys For Menread more

Intimate Secrets and Gifts in Cleveland Tennesee.  We are happy to offer only the best in lingerie, wedding, bachelorette, sextoys, sexual wellness and all things to enhance your romance and love life.

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